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Azalea Apple Blossum
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Azalea Apple Blossum
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Azalea Apple Blossum
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Payless Plants
Payless Plants
Unit of Supply
2.5 lit. HP
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Azalea Apple Blossum


Short Description
Kurume. Pale pink single. Compact plant, hardy. Semi shade moist acid conditions. 60cm x 60cm.


Azaleas like an acidic topsoil pH 4.5 to 6. Most topsoil in NZ is 4.8 to 5.2. What is required is a good topsoil, not sand or clay, or artificial compost. The soil should be loose and friable around a newly planted plant. New roots are fine and delicate filaments which will struggle in hard packed ground. Avoid planting in hard packed ground such as lawn areas.

Azaleas can be planted in full sun or partial shade. What matters more is quality of topsoil.

Generally, fertilizer should not be required in good topsoil, but if a fertilizer is required use an NPK fertilizer with Fe (Iron). Apply in small doses on the soil surface within the drip zone. A small plant may only require a teaspoon fill. A larger plant slightly more. Better a little fertilizer every now and then than a lot of fertilizer in one application.

The main issue for evergreen azaleas is leaf roll caterpillar. If an insecticide is used, apply after flowering. Do not use insecticide during flowering as it will kill bees.

Kurume. Pale pink single. Compact plant, hardy. Semi shade moist acid conditions. 60cm x 60cm.
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