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Lavander Grosso
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Lavander Grosso
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Lavander Grosso
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Payless Plants
Payless Plants
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2.5 lit. HP
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Lavander Grosso

Short Description
Select form of English lavander. Mid blue flowers. Full sun well drained site. 70-80cm

Lavander Grosso makes a good hedge at about 70-80cm, or use as spot planting.

English lavender is known as Lavander spica, or to use the older term, Lavander angustifolia. There are many named clones or cultivars of Lavander spica including Lavander spica Grosso to use the full name.

Cultivation Advice
To keep Lavanders looking good, especially through the winter months, remove all flower heads and stalks and lightly prune to shape early to mid-autumn. This encourages the growth energy to form new foliage in the lead up to winter, rather than put the growth energy to try to form seed.

Lavanders like most plants that have a silver, gray, or bluish foliage, prefers a growing environment that is full sun, well drained, and a little dry. Too much water (irrigation) can cause the roots of young plants to decay thereby wrecking the plant. Generally Lavanders thrive best on a little neglect.

Lavander Grosso is a cultivar used for the production of lavender oil.

Select form of English lavander. Mid blue flowers. Full sun well drained site. 70-80cm
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