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Hemerocallis Alvatine Taylor
Daylily. Large single, orchid lavender pink with ivory cream throat. Evergreen. 1m.

Hemerocallis Annie Golightly
Daylily. Large, triangular blooms that stay open at night. The lily flowers are bright red with yellow-green throats and creamy-white mid-veins. To 1m.

Hemerocallis Aspiration
Daylily. Large rose pink flowers with a darker eye. 1m, Deciduous.

Hemerocallis Aztec Gold
Daylily. Flowers are bright gold. Top plant for visual impact. Grows to 1m. Deciduous in cold climates.

Hemerocallis Buddy
Daylily. Soft pinky red. Full sun or semi shade. Up to 1m. Deciduous in cold climates.

Hemerocallis Cedar Waxwing
Daylily. Rich lavender pink with rose pink halo. Full sun or semi shade. 1. Deciduous.

Hemerocallis Chemistry
Daylily. Frilled autumn tones of coral, salmon and apricot blooms. Grows 60-90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Chinese Pavillion
Daylily. Large light rose blooms with apricot centre. To 1m. Full sun or semi shade. Evergreen

Hemerocallis Double Cameo
Daylily. Double flowers of a melon-lemon blend with lavender midribs. Very showy. Deciduous in cold climates. To 1m..

Hemerocallis Eighteen Carat
Daylily. Flowers bright gold with a green throat. Semi evergreen. 60-90cm.

Hemerocallis Grape Ripples
Daylily. Flowers fragrant rich purple flowers with pale green throats. Compact growth to 70cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Happy Reward
Day Lily. Flowers a huge light yellow with ruffled edges. A feature plant which stands out in the garden.

Hemerocallis James Marsh
Daylily. Large trumpet-shaped rosy red flowers with shiny petals. An excellent variety producing lots of flowers of excellent quality. 90cm. Deciduouss

Hemerocallis King Lamoni
Daylily. Flowers scarlet red with a green throat. To 90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Little Christine
Day Lily. Miniature flower, dark burgundy red. Smaller grower.

Hemerocallis Marcia Faye
Daylily. Creamy rose-pink flowers with ivory midribs and pale green throats. 50cm. Semi evergreen.

Hemerocallis Memories
Daylily. Large flower combination orange, peach and apricot with a lemon centre. 90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Moon Goddess
Slightly ruffled, soft creamy yellow blooms with a green throat. Slightly fragrant. Grows 60-90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Pawn of Prophecy
Daylily. Small miniature purple with yellow eye. Plants grow more compact than most forms. 70cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Peek A Boo Eyes
Day lily. Ruffled flowers, creamy light yellow with a burgundy eye.

Hemerocallis Pony Ride
Daylily. Large flowers, light butter yellow with a lime green tinge in the throat. 90cm. Hardy. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Root Beer
Daylily. Dark burgundy red to purple flower. Full sun or semi shade. 90cm. Deciduous.

Hemerocallis Rosemount Firebrand
Daylily. Flower fiery red with yellow undertones and green throat. Semi evergreen. 60cm.

Hemerocallis Stella Bella
Daylily. Flowers butter yellow on a dwarf plant. Top plant for mass planting. 40cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Taylormade
Daylily. Large flowers shaded cinnamon with a green throat. 60-90cm. Hardy. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Tigers Eye
Day lily. Bronze with yellow eyes. Evergreen

Hemerocallis Touched by Midas
Daylily. Masses of dazzling rich gold blooms over spring and summer. 60-90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Velvet Shadows
Daylily. Violet purple miniature, wit a lavander watermark and green throat. 40cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis Vintage Bordeaux
Deepest wine blooms highlighted by a lime yellow centre. Full sun or partial shade. 60-90cm. Evergreen.

Hemerocallis War Eagle
A vigorous growing daylily. Flowers dark red early to mid season. Foliage to 1m. Evergreen.

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