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Open to the General Public. All are welcome.

Supplier Information
Supplier Information for other Plant Nurseries and Retailers

Wholesale Purchasing

While Payless Plants is retail plant nursery, it is open to buying in wholesale plants from other plant nurseries to supplement our range and stock capacity.


If you have wholesale stock to supply then you may wish to discuss how we may benefit each other.


Supply to other Nurseries and Retailers 

Payless Plants does supply other nurseries and garden centre retailers. It is not something we actively pursue but good business is good business? Some we have supplied for many years and many have become friends.


Some we will not supply as their business practices and conduct do not align with our own.


When supplying others we adopt a level playing field approach. We do not play favourites, provide discounts, and want nothing to do with rebates.


Our retail prices tend to be below normal wholesale prices from other nurseries. Our wholesale prices may be even lower.


The few rules are:

1. Plants are to be collected. We do not deliver.

2. Payment is expected on the day of collection. We do not provide credit though we can take payment via a credit card.

3. We do not accept indent orders. All production and sales are on spec only.

4. We do not 'hold' stock. If a retailer wants stock on hold then they will need to hold at their own site.


Landscapers and Property Developers

These businesses are welcome but we do not provide credit or hold stock. Sales are cash and carry only.


District Councils, City Councils, Schools, Kindies, Universities, Tech Institutes, Hospitals, Rest Homes, Tourist Sites

We supply a number of the above and these entities are welcome. Please supply a legal order form if short term credit is required. If the purchasing person is well known to us then an order number is all that is required.




A retail plant nursery manufacturing and selling low price plants direct to the public.
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