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Rhododendron Bibiana
Magnificent red flowers held in a cone shaped truss. Vigorous. Early season. 2.5m +
Rhododendron Bumblebee
Hybrid (R. Blue Peter x R. Purple Splendour) Very showy purple flowers with a darker spotted throat. Vigorous. Mid to late season. 2m.
Rhododendron Cheer
Clear pink tight truss on a shrub to about 1.2 to 1.5 metres. Mid season.

Rhododendron Daphnoides
Prolific trusses of purple flowers. Unusual daphne type foliage. Compact shrub. Mid to late season. 1.2m.
Rhododendron Dora Amateis
Excellent dwarf rhodo with prolific white spicy scented flowers. Early season. 1m.
Rhododendron Drum Major
Bright blood red flowers in a large compact truss on an open plant. Early to mid season. 3m+.

Rhododendron Fastuosum Flore Plena
Large flowers lavander blue to mauve with darker inner spotting. Long flowering. mid to late season. 2m.
Rhododendron Gwilt-King
A very showy Rhododendron with masses of red blooms in spring. Leaves have a rust like tormentum on the underside. 1.2m x 2m across.
Rhododendron Maddenii
Species. Large trumpet flowers near pure white up to 10cm long in loose truss. Very fragrant. Shrub up to 2m with dark glossy leaves. Compact.
Rhod 119

Rhododendron Michaels Pride
Large lily like trumpets, creamy yellow with lemon fragrance. Attractive bronze foliage. Mid season. 1.5m.
Rhododendron President Roosevelt
Compact Rhodo well known for its golden variegated foliage. Flowers carmine red late season. 1.5m
Rhododendron Princess Alice
Compact shrub with deep green glossy leaves. Flowers white. Highly scented. Possibly a sport of R. fragrantissima.

Rhododendron Raingold
Large tight truss of trumpet flowers white with bold pink margins. 2m.
Rhododendron Rubicon
Cardinal red flowers, black spotted on upper lobe. Compact truss. Glossy deep green foliage. Mid to late season. 1.3m x 1m
Rhododendron Safron Queen
Sulphur yellow with darker spotting on upper lobes. Small 4cm trumpet shaped florets in lax flat topped truss. Long narrow glossy leaves. Very showy. Mid season. 1.2m

Rhododendron Virginia Richards
Pink buds open soft pink with an apricot throat. Leaves are dark green and glossy. A popular variety. Flowers October. 1.8m.
Rhododendron Winsome
Bright cerise pink bell flowers cover the bush mid spring. Compact growing. 1.2m
Rosmarinus officinalis Alba
Upright white flowered rosemary. Makes a good hedge. Full sun. 1.2m. Prune to size and shape.

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